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MA Lead Safe Lead-Safe Renovator-Supervisor (LSR)

Bring current photo id and if you have a Construction Supervisor’s License, please bring that, too

Current MA Dept of Labor Standards Regulations 454CMR 22.00 - January 13, 2017 http://www.mass.gov/courts/docs/lawlib/400-499cmr/454cmr22.pdf

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This course satisfies MA Department of Labor Standards for requirements for training Lead-safe Renovator-Supervisors (LSR). It is also recognized by the EPA as satisfying training requirements most states in the region. RI does require an additional on-line training that takes approximately 1/2 hour.

As of April 22, 2010, anyone who performs renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities must be EPA Lead Safe Certified. Individuals and firms that are not certified could face fines of up to $37,500 per day.

This Lead Safe Renovator (LSR) Initial Certification course is 8 hours in length and includes both EPA-HUD approved lead safety training and certification. Any contractor performing work on pre-1978 homes or child occupied facilities must employ at least one Certified Renovator who has successfully completed this training. Companies must also be registered as a Lead Safe Certified Firm with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The course concludes with a certification exam.

Included in the Course:

* 8 hours of interactive training with an experienced instructor

* Hands-on activities for maximized learning

* All supplies for hands-on training

* Detailed student manual to keep as a reference for when you're in the field

* EPA and Massachusetts-Approved Lead Renovator Certification Exam


Additional Requirements for Massachusetts Certified Renovators

Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards
19 Staniford Street, 2nd Floor,
Boston, MA 02114
The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (“DLS”) has recently adopted new requirements under its lead standard, 454 CMR 22.00, that apply to renovation, repair or painting (“RRP”) work conducted for a fee in target housing or any child-occupied facility , where more than threshold amounts of lead paint are disturbed.

With certain exceptions,contractors and otherentities who carry out work covered by these requirements must be licensed as “Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors” (LSR) by DLS. Affected occupations include, but are not limited to: painters, plumbers, electricians, window installers, general contractors, property maintenance workers, and remodelers.

A person who has taken a one-day “Lead-Safe Renovator-Supervisor” or “Certified Renovator”course and is in possession of a current certificate of training issued by an approved training provider must be on site and in control of the work t all times when the work is in progress. Workers on such projects must be trained by the certified supervisor or a training provider licensed by DLS.

The work must be carried out in accordance with work practice requirements specified in 454 CMR 22.00, including, but not limited to: testing of suspect materials, work area isolation or delineation, exclusion of personnel, covering of objects, acceptable work methods, cleanup, and cleaning verification.

Certain recordkeeping and notification requirements are also specified. It is essential to determine whether or not the renovation work you perform falls under the regulation; if it does, then your business must become licensed, your supervisors trained and certified, and your workers trained.

Failure to comply with DLS regulations governing these matters may result in the imposition of civil administrative penalties. You may view the regulations describing these procedures at
mass.gov/leadsafe or mass.gov/dols, and can reach DLS for more information at 617-626-696