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The phone number for CLPPP is 800-532-9571 - leave a detailed message!

Mary Chabot is offering an eight-hour training program for property owners and  their agents who want to become authorized to perform moderate-risk deleading. This program is also of interest to any property owner in the state of MA - particularly landlords.

Mary Chabot the instructor is certified by the MDPH/CLPPP program to teach this course, and has presented this program since 2000.

Lead poisoning is a completely preventable disease. The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) has made great strides toward eliminating childhood lead poisoning in Massachusetts, even though our housing stock is the fourth oldest in the nation. Despite this progress, hundreds of children in Massachusetts are still identified with high levels of lead in their blood each year. Most are poisoned by leaded paint on the inside and outside of their homes.

The Massachusetts Lead Law (MGL Chapter 111 sec. 189A-199B) requires that owners of homes built before 1978 and with children under the age of six living in them correct any lead hazards on the property. The law applies to owner occupied homes as well as to rental property.

In 1994 the Lead law was amended to make it easier and less expensive for owners to delead their homes. Part of these amendments includes Encapsulation, Low Risk Deleading, Moderate Risk Deleading and Interim Control. This course will prepare participants to apply any of these methods.

About the course

The training is for property owners and their agents who would like to become authorized to perform moderate-risk deleading on the owner’s home(s). The training is designed to give owners and agents an understanding of the Lead Law and its requirements.

As a result of this course, participants will be prepared to take a written exam, administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. The exam is mailed to participants after completion of the course.

This course does not teach participants the carpentry skills that are needed to complete the work successfully, nor does this course allow the owner/agent to supervise others to perform the work. Only those who successfully complete this course are allowed to perform the actual work necessary for lead abatement.

Successful completion of the course means you have:

Attended the entire training.

Passed the exam with a score of 75% or better.

     Received a confirmation letter from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Childhood        Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) with your exam results and an authorization number.



Owners and their agents (employees, friends, relatives, tenants) are eligible to take CLPPP's moderate risk training. Each person is required to take the class from a certified training provider and pass the exam presented by the Massachusetts Department of Health’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


     You must be at least 18 years old.
     You must own the property, or be helping the owner as an employee, friend, relative or tenant.


    Group discounts are available.

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    • Just off a major interstate highway
    • $225 per student
    • Have a lot of students? call for special arrangements
    • Accept credit card payment through PayPal
    Checks made payable to: Mary Chabot Training

    Only advance registration is accepted.

    Participants are encouraged to bring a lead inspection report with them to class, if one has been performed.

    Participants will be allowed to use the training manual while taking the exam.

    MA Moderate Risk Deleading For Homeowners and Agents classes $225
    MA Moderate Risk Deleading for Homeowners and Agents Training Dates held in Webster, MA

    call George 508-826-5757 to sign up for classes

    The eight-hour Moderate Risk Owner/Agent Training is offered on a regularly scheduled basis.
    No minimum class size. The classroom is located at 12 Thompson Road, Webster MA

    For more information and class schedule, please call 508.847.0654, or send e-mail to Mary@MaryChabot.com